Coco Rido Strategia digitale

Coco Rido entrusts digital strategy to Tun2U

Coco Rido, the adult card game designed by teenagers and produced by children, has entrusted its Digital Strategy to Tun2U Group. Based on the concept of Brand Entertainment, the new digital strategy aimed to convert the brand’s social pages into full-fledged entertainment channels capable of engaging users in both the short and long term.

The Digital Strategy developed for Coco Rido leverages contemporary communication and storytelling, video and mobile first, focusing on a tone of voice that is irreverent but also ironic and fun, just in the spirit of the card game. Great attention has been paid to the visual identity of the brand, thanks to a change of look and graphic declination of the Cocomini, the small boardgame mascots, which accompany users on social channels.

“Many people say it is essential sometimes to have fun while working, especially for those who, like us, are engaged in creative projects every day. Never has this been more true than in this case! Working on Coco Rido’s Digital Strategy allowed us to have fun with the same freedom as when we were kids and, at the same time, create a solid, contemporary project.”, told Mariangela Napolitano, project manager of Tun2U.

During the next few months, the collaboration between the two companies will involve managing Coco Rido’s social platforms and producing a video spot for the brand to be carried on a well-known marketplace and other digital touchpoints of the brand.

“Tun2U’s original and innovative ideas won us over immediately! The agency team we collaborated with was very helpful and perfectly understood both the various critical issues and the tone of voice best suited for our audience. We feel like we have new colleagues in ‘Casa Coco Rido’ and we are glad to be able to count on their presence and professionalism!”, said Vincenza Picone, Coco Rido Italy project manager.

Valeria Benincasa
SEO Copywriter & Digital PR