Forza SEO

Strength SEO: the perfect mix of marketing and communication

Forza SEO is the new vertical brand for Search Engine Advertising services. A team of professionals, part of the Tun2U Group, specializing in search engine positioning of websites through On/Off Site SEO services and advertising campaigns on Google ADS network.

Performance, skill, and speed are the three keywords of the company-led by Claudio Migliorati and Fabio Ferretti-whose goal is to optimize results, both in the short and long term, by quickly and concretely taking advantage of the latest innovations in the IT sector.

To date, SEO is a very broad and complex topic also because of the constant updates of Google’s algorithms that one must pay attention to in order not to lose positions in SERPs and organic traffic. For this Forza SEO offers a range of vertical services including:

  • SEO audit: an in-depth analysis of the “health” and onsite optimization status of the site, highlighting critical issues that hinder organic traffic growth;
  • Keywords research: an analysis of search terms used on Google by users, search volumes and cost per click on Google ADS campaigns are examined;
  • Competitor analysis: by studying competitor sites, one can intercept which keywords generate organic traffic to their sites so as to integrate them into the organic ranking growth strategy;
  • Digital PR: it becomes increasingly relevant to build a network of good links to the Internet site in terms of link building and citations. The technique used to achieve the results is–top secret!
  • SEO and SEM consulting: periodic discussion with the client allows for the best understanding of needs and goals throughout the year, so that we are able to provide information of the work in total transparency with very comprehensive monthly reports for both SEO and Google ADS campaigns.

“If an ecommerce is well indexed and positioned in the first pages of search engines, it has a very good chance of being chosen for user purchases.” explained Migliorati, pointing out how being on the first page of online searches is “a necessary prerogative for ecommerce businesses that want to sell and stay in the market for the long term.”

The general level of competitiveness has increased greatly in recent years, and many new players continue to enter the market in each niche. “In this sector,” Ferretti added, “every little mistake risks being fatal to ecommerce performance. At Forza SEO, we leave nothing to chance; we want to get to know and tune in with each client, understand his or her uniqueness and create the right formula for each one to achieve concrete results and reach goals together.”

Here, then, is where being able to create the right mix of marketing and communication stands out as the winning strategic choice for any ecommerce. Then again, as new platforms become more and more optimized, the new challenge is not only to get on the front page organically, but more importantly to stay there over time.

Valeria Benincasa
SEO Copywriter & Digital PR