Black Friday: strategies and techniques for aiming high

Black Friday is definitely among the most important events of the year for any e-commerce company. To optimize results and make sure your site is ready to face the ‘big day,’ it is crucial to play ahead. From year to year, tips & tricks change and evolve according to new technologies and the latest dynamics dictated by the web, which is why it is advisable to always monitor and anticipate demand from the public.

How to deal with Black Friday without disappointing the public’s expectations?

First, it is good to remember that Black Friday is not about a particular day (for 2022, specifically, November 25) but at least 3-4 weeks leading up to the fateful date. It is a countdown of sorts, an escalation of offers and discounts that will culminate on Black Friday itself. The buzz period will then continue for a few days (in fact, Cyber Monday proposals are unfailing).

One of the starting points in view of this ‘marketing marathon’ is the customer database: check that it is up to date and, if there are not enough contacts, plan in time a landing page for generating new leads. Also, check the entire marketing infrastructure of your platform, from the catalog to the offers, so you don’t create dangerous gaps that could send the site ‘down’. An example? Just put the wrong link in a promotion and the damage is done.

Launch ad hoc social media (BUT NOT ONLY) campaigns in advance. As during the holiday season, it is essential to devote part of one’s budget to campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc., obviously depending on the target audience. Each brand, in fact, has a different target audience; you need to identify yours and aim for maximum engagement and interaction.

Another detail that should not be underestimated concerns the marketing calendar that should be structured -at least- a few weeks in advance: each date can be an opportunity to stimulate the user to visit the platform, whether it is to sign up for the newsletter or to take advantage of a certain offer.

Get ready for Black Friday: from social media to automation marketing

Automation marketing may not be everything but it certainly plays a key role in online sales, especially during such a busy and competitive period as Black Friday. In fact, during the weeks leading up to Black Friday, the amount of emails sent by companies increases exponentially.

The trick is to create an effective newsletter that manages to stand out from the others, both from the point of view of creativity and the actual offer. To beat the competition and make customers decide to open the newsletter, it pays to work across the board and thoroughly study your target audience. In this case more than ever, Retargeting is critical.

Last but not least is creativity! For both copy and graphics, an eye-catching, original and engaging style is the foundation of a successful strategy.

How is the online audience changing?

Is Black Friday really one of the busiest shopping days of the year? Yes, and it is increasingly so! In 2020, for example, online shoppers reached a record level, growing 22 percent over the previous year.

Moreover, as technological tools and marketing strategies change and update so do consumers. Their interests and approach to online purchasing are transforming much faster than in the past. In Italy, in particular, a vital issue has begun to attract particular attention: sustainability.

“One-third of Italian consumers surveyed by Google believe the importance of sustainability will grow in the coming years, especially in the energy and automotive sectors.” reads in a Think With Google article, in which they point out that “people in Italy are open to testing and choosing new brands precisely because they are sustainable.”

Pay attention, then, to the tools with which you choose to approach Black Friday, but never forget that the consumer always comes first.

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P. S.
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Valeria Benincasa
SEO Copywriter & Digital PR