Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO = more profit

"We can only improve what we can measure."

- Lord Kelvin -

CRO stands for conversion rate optimization, and is the discipline that aims to improve your site’s performance, understood as the ability to turn simple users into paying customers, and their purchases into more profitable sales (e.g., increasing the value of the average shopping cart). CRO wants to further the user experience, both by removing obstacles present along the buying process and by increasing the likelihood that users will perform the desired actions.

Heuristic analysis

Heuristic analysis is an analysis performed by an expert who examines the site based on a set of guidelines. It is a diagnostic activity aimed at identifying obstacles and opportunities for improvement in the existing version of the site. The main usability guidelines and established best practices in the professional field of CRO and UX are used to conduct this analysis. Among them, the guidelines drafted by the Baymard Institute for e-commerce turn out to be an extraordinary ally.


Valuable tools that you can use to assess user behavior on the site are Heatmaps. Literally heat maps, they offer a visual representation of user behavior on the site by highlighting abnormal behavior and problems.Three indicators to consider: - Click heatmaps, which show areas clicked or tapped by users - Mouse heatmaps, which show the areas over which users have placed their mouse - Scrollmaps, which indicate how deeply the page was explored


Surveys (polls) allow users to obtain qualitative data on the problems they experience on the site. They serve to collect comments, which properly interpreted allow to highlight critical issues on the pages of the site and develop appropriate solutions.


Improve the readability of text, right-size Call-to-action, include a live chat to offer support and dispel doubts. These are just some of the possible improvements that a CRO activity can suggest.


Data collection

Collecting data and knowing what data to collect is critical to initiating an improvement process.



Analyzing data, knowing how to classify it, and having the right sensitivity to evaluate it is a key step in organizing the work.



Execute to perfection so as not to waste the work done previously. This is the diktat for getting the most out of CRO.