System Integration

Automated sales processes

System integration for a full-connected enterprise

CRM and ERP…are not incomprehensible sci-fi acronyms, but evolved work and business process management systems. Every company nowadays, in order to achieve efficient sales process flow, needs to make its technological tools connected and integrated with each other. Tun2U technicians thoroughly analyze customer needs and collaborate pro-actively with providers of other information systems to enable the customer/partner to take advantage of new online sales tools while keeping their internal procedures intact.

ERP/CRM Integration

We integrate the systems that move your business, making your e-commerce perfectly connected and aligned. The goal is for your online sales channel to be an extension of your company and the processes now matured by your team. In this way, efficiency and productivity remain constant.

Logistics integration

Automation of logistics processes is at the heart of e-commerce. An order management flow always in line with the status of the shipment, providing up-to-date information towards the customer. A careful integration process towards the logistics courier or reference warehouse, for constant and efficient communication.

Data Feed Integration

Marketing channels feed off data from your catalog, so it is important to always provide consistent and optimized data. Constant integration and synchronization of your product catalog with the best sales channels and price comparators will expand your reach to new potential customers.

Sales flow automation

The tasks your internal team must perform on a daily basis to manage and fulfill an order. Complex operations that can lead to errors and slow down the sales process. By automating and streamlining these processes we increase team efficiency and enable your ecommerce business to handle an ever-increasing flow.

Marketing Integration

Data analysis is one of the fundamental practices in marketing. E-commerce needs to be extensively connected to the analytics tools that enable you to define your strategies. Orders, customers, products, are just a part of the data that needs to be constantly integrated to keep your business in check.