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Focus on sales, not shipping

Logistics is an integral part of the user experience

The quality that customers perceive when they buy online is the sum of many components, the path they take (customer journey) is an articulated process consisting of several stages, among them the delicate “waiting” phase of purchase.
In fact, once paid, the countdown is triggered, the order must be taken, the products picked (picking) and the package prepared (packing) to be handed over to the courier (outbound) as quickly as possible.
Delivery on promise = no. of orders delivered within promise/no. of orders

TUN2U, thanks to its logistics hub and experience, is able to offer a logistics fulfillment service, from warehouse activities to end-customer management.

Picking & Packing

During the package preparation phase, processes need to be optimized so that packaging can be speeded up as much as possible while minimizing errors. Therefore, it is important to have an optimized "grab" list available to reduce the time needed to procure the products that will make up the orders. Likewise, the "packing" list will be decisive.


Before they can be entrusted to the courier (BRT, SDA, GLS, UPS,...), the parcels must be properly labeled with so-called waybills "LDV (appropriately generated according to the technical instructions provided by the courier).In the case of e-commerce with heterogeneous products, in terms of shape, weight and size, a good idea might be to activate multiple contracts, so that packages can be entrusted according to the cheapest rate available.

Shipments Tracking

Once orders are filled, the work continues. Indeed, it is essential to monitor the status of the delivery in order to handle any anomalies in a timely manner (left notice, stock, recipient not found, ...) Equipping yourself with a monitoring tool can make this task much more streamlined and efficient.

After Sales Service

Finished? No, our consumer's journey does not end upon receipt of the package. If the customer receives goods that are damaged or for some reason unwelcome, it will be the seller's duty to facilitate the return procedure. In the event that the product instead goes well, it may still be necessary to provide assistance, should you have any concerns or questions. This is a time to take advantage of to do nurturing (upselling and cross-selling) and lay the groundwork for future and new selling.


Deliveries in 24/48 hours

To be competitive you need fast and reliable logistics service. In order to catch up you need the right tools.



How secure are your shipments? Be sure to use appropriate packaging. You will gain financially and in terms of image you will make a quantum leap.



Do you always know where your clients' packages are? Anticipating a customer complaint by handling it will make your company a reliable brand that deserves a new purchase.