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Our Social Media Agency designs, creates and curates Social Media Marketing campaigns to also impose your project on the new dimensions of communication and information. Instagram, Facebook and other social platforms are the new public square where your voice needs to be heard. Through a proper editorial plan and an effective social media strategy, your brand and online sales project will reach the right audience, acquiring a highly profiled audience. The era of Social Commerce is now a reality, and all successful projects must take part in it.

Social Media Strategy

In the world of web marketing, strategy is the basis of every project, and without it it is impossible to structure a solid foundation from which to launch a winning program. Consequently, a well-planned social media strategy is the secret to a successful e-commerce. Taking care of one's presence on these platforms is therefore inevitable and really very important.

Social Advertising

Social advertising is among the most useful and important tools in the field of social commerce. Indeed, thanks to this tool, you can both reach the audience most akin to your project and discover new users who, of course, could turn into new customers. Engagement and conversions are two tracks to follow to achieve assured results.

Social Reputation

On the Web, reputation is critical; on social media it is probably even more so. In an increasingly dynamic and changing reality, constantly taking care of one's social reputation therefore becomes essential. Interactivity and monitoring are thus imposed as an indivisible pair to be respected.

Social Integration

In this area, an e-commerce project can never, ever underestimate an aspect that is as useful as it is potentially risky: social integration. In an increasingly digital society, this dimension is directly linked to the user experience and, therefore, cannot be underestimated or overlooked.

Media Content

What do we mean when we talk about media content? The content, presentation and very essence of the media-related world. Behind an image or the copy of a post there is always an editorial plan studied at the outset. This aspect is basic not only at the time of publication, but especially in the later analysis of the data,


Be original

Original copy and photos always reward: it is essential to be original to stand out from the billions of profiles on social media!



Publication is nothing without interaction! Create engaging content and NEVER neglect your audience...



Engaging users is the first step in targeting new conversions.