Email Marketing & Automation

Automated strategies to engage and convert your customers

Revenue Growth and Retention

Our in-house team is highly specialized in email marketing & automation for ecommerce with a proven method focused on building a relationship with multiple contacts and increasing store revenue.
We increase the number of orders per user by establishing trust through email marketing automation and exclusive club! Tun2U is a Klaviyo Gold Partner company for Italy.

Increase the Revenue of your E-commerce

Our in-house team is highly skilled in email marketing & automation for e-commerce, using a proven method to build trusting relationships with your contacts and increase your store’s revenue.
With email marketing automation and exclusive clubs, we increase the number of orders per user, turning visitors into loyal customers.

Optimize Your E-commerce with Email Marketing Automation

Tun2U offers a specialized email marketing & automation service for e-commerce, with a focus on buildingtrusted relationships and increasing your store’srevenue.
We constantly monitor and analyze the performance of your campaigns, making continuous improvements to maximize your e-commerce results and growth.

Maximizes Customer Interactions

Automating your email campaigns saves you time and resources while focusing on other strategic areas of your business. We leverage automation to send timely and relevant messages, ensuring that every customer interaction is meaningful and productive.

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Loyalty and Exclusive Club Programs

We implement loyalty programs and exclusive clubs that incentivize further purchases and reward the most loyal customers, contributing to the sustainable growth of your e-commerce business.
We create highly personalized emails that resonate with your customers, improving engagement and conversions.

Boost Your E-commerce

Rely on our experience to optimize your e-commerce with effective marketing automation strategies.
Contact us to find out how we can help you save time, increase conversions, and grow your business sustainably and effectively.

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