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When optimizing a site, especially if we are talking about SEO for ecommerce, keep in mind that it is not Google's intention to provide free traffic when there are other tools such as Google ADS where it can directly monetize the traffic sent to your platform.

Obviously that is what we are aiming for instead! Generate the greatest amount of qualified traffic that can generate conversions to the online shopping site we are working on. Let's not forget that Google is constantly updating its algorithms to deliver a result that can best meet the demands of users searching the Web for a product, service or simple solution to their query.

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The major difference when we talk about SEO for ecommerce compared to that of a site that does not deal with the physical sale of products, lies precisely in the goals that are set because the priorities are different. So let’s talk about:

  • increased turnover from organic visits
  • Generate traffic to acquire new visitors who become potential customers
  • Increase the popularity of the brand
  • retain acquired customers

The company that turns to our SEO agency to optimize their ecommerce site, they will be able to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors in the medium and long term, precisely because the SEO positioning requires, first and foremost, time and patience as well as, of course, expertise and a fair amount of budget on hand, which varies according to industry competitiveness.

Broadly speaking, we can summarize that in order to rank well, the ecommerce site (and others) will need to have the following requirements:

  • Absolute relevance between search key and site page
  • satisfy users with unique results of superior quality
  • Being recognized as an authoritative source for that particular field (through link building)

SEO strategy for ecommerce

Tackling an seo optimization path for an ecommerce site requires method and knowledge of the target market on which to conduct aprofessional and in-depthSEO analysis. We can simplify the individual activities that form the basis of creating the SEO strategy for e-commerce that we are going to study in the following 6 points.

  1. SERP analysis: study of target competitors with thorough market research
  2. Study of industry keywords: we need to divide those that are transactional keywords from those that are informational keywords, since our focus always remains on selling a product.
  3. We pay special attention to category pages and product sheets: they must necessarily contain unique and superior descriptions if the goal is to excel over competitors.
  4. Platform precautions: ecommerce site to be SEO friendly must first have descriptive URL paths that are as relevant as possible to the type of product (thus keyword searched). Integrate breadcrumbs that help users navigate the pages of the site and have all the necessary meta tags optimized for SEO. Images should not be overlooked, as they, too, are part of the content and must be unique, read for fast loading and have their respective tags filled in correctly.
  5. Internal links: site pages should have an internal link structure that facilitates navigation for users while at the same time contextualizing these links in the eyes of the search engine.

Increase site authority: a key point to address is link building management, with which we will build brand popularity thereby increasing authority in the eyes of Google and users.

What completes a good SEO for ecommerce

With Google's latest updates, let's talk specifically about BERT, by now the algorithm can better understand the context in which the words on your site are placed. It is no longer enough to have a few words that deal with the topic by randomly mentioning keywords, often also in a way that is not very understandable. Let's remember that we are always targeting people and Google knows that very well, so maximum attention to the content we want to offer.
We also keep in mind that the performance of the ecommerce site is crucial, needless to say, the faster the platform has a fast loading, the more it will be rewarded by both the search engine and the users themselves.
With the aim of channeling organic traffic that is not intending to buy directly but is simply looking for information, it is often flanked a blog within the e commerce, just to increase the popularity of the same with the aim of becoming a reference point for potential customers.
The idea is to propose trade-offs that are both SEO friendly and designed to turn users into potential customers.

And does your e commerce have what it takes? Find out with an SEO audit!

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E-commerce tips

Obviously calculating that e commerce traffic from mobile devices is also increasing sharply and steadily, Google itself wants to satisfy users more by making results more compatible with these devices. The difference for ecommerce sites will lie precisely in offering a high-quality mobile user experience.

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