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Very often, even if everything apparently works well, sites are full of errors that prevent good organic ranking. To find out what needs to be corrected, just do an advanced SEO audit professionally to highlight everything that falls under the SEO optimizations to be applied.

There are several SEO tools online that allow you to see general macro errors on a page (such as a duplicate heading tag), but the SEO audits we perform in our SEO agency are something else entirely. We discuss a detailed paper that analyzes both the semantic and technical parts of the code and consequently the performance of the site.
Of course, we do not neglect what concerns the target clientele of the e-commerce site or your institutional site.

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We find ourselves in the situation of analyzing in detail all the features of the site under consideration and indicating the SEO optimizations to be applied to facilitate the good ranking of individual pages.

At this point it is good to take a closer look at what are the conceptual stages we are going to analyze:

  • Scanning: identify whether a page is scannable by crawlers, as otherwise none of the next steps can be considered.
  • Indexing: once scanned, pages are placed in a global index and then recognized by search engines (regardless of SERP position).
  • Positioning: depending on various quality parameters of a page, it is then positioned in SERP (the personal ranking that every search engine offers).
  • Monitoring: regular monitoring of page ranking and consequently organic traffic is an integral part of professional SEO consulting.

The information contained in our SEO audits can be provided directly to the technical department that is responsible for maintaining your site, as it indicates all the problems for which everyone will have to find the solution they consider most suitable depending on the CMS or custom platforms used.

Below we give you an overview of the information contained in our analysis of your website.

Analysis of site traffic

Using several professional SEO tools, we will provide you with a detailed document on what are the keywords of organic traffic with which users find your site on Google. If you would also like to provide us with a temporary view of the hooked Google Analytics account, we will also be able to provide you with accurate data on the type of traffic and technology adopted.

Technical SEO analysis

A very important section where all critical aspects of the site that prevent or simply hinder proper page ranking in SERPs will be exposed. In our technical SEO analysis, for "insiders," we speak in their own language, so we point out the correct compilation of Robots files, Sitemap, CSS, structured data, redirect errors, and more.

We indicate accurate data on the performance of your site, a key aspect of good ranking, integrating advice on how to improve it also from the point of view of the hosting service adopted.

If we then talk about SEO for e-commerce then the information will also cover the optimizations to be made on the product tab so that not only the organic ranking is improved, but also the conversion rate of Google Shopping campaigns.

Competitor analysis

To understand how to move commercially especially online, you need to know what your competitors are doing. First identify who they are on the web (very often they are not who you think they are) how they are positioned on Google, what web marketing activities they do, and what link building profile they have built. Find out which keywords bring the most organic traffic to your competitors and what link building strategy they have adopted to be in the top positions in Google.

SEO Tips

And yes we can know a lot of things with an advanced SEO audit, don't you think? Request an audit for your website now, and you'll have plenty of information at your disposal to take on the online marketplace with all the cards!

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