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Our SEO agency specializes in achieving concrete goals. Winning a good SEO ranking is the best way to grow and raise brand awareness, increasing potential customers.

SEO is a discipline that requires expertise, professionalism, experience, and above all, time. What we want to offer you within our SEO Agency is a multidisciplinary approach to consolidate your business and your online sales project.
With a careful analysis of the target industry and a strategy including on-site optimizations and link building activities, we are able to get those results where other SEO agencies stop.

SEO Agency for e-commerce

Over the years, our SEO Agency has achieved concrete and tangible results in the field of organic positioning of numerous e-commerce, designing and optimizing SEO strategies for winning e-commerce. In online shops, SEO positioning on search engines cannot be underestimated, it is a fundamental aspect that any SEO agency must necessarily take care of with attention and continuous monitoring. The e-commerce world is constantly evolving, and our agency is constantly updating on the latest technologies and innovations in SEO for e-commerce.

Link Building

Improving SEO ranking means increasing the authority of your site. To do this you need to keep an eye on several factors both internal to the site "on-site" and external "off-site." Link building is an important, not to say fundamental, part of the off-site actions that should not be underestimated within a strategy. That is why our SEO Agency supports clients through a dedicated team of SEO specialists able to measure KPIs and plan link building campaigns according to the predetermined budget on an exclusive network of high authority sites.

Consulting with an SEO agency

By choosing Tun2U you will not only choose a well-rounded partner agency for your e-commerce, but you will get transparent SEO consulting based on a concrete approach aimed at generating awareness in the techniques used for organic ranking growth. Our SEO agency offers a tailor-made consulting service, starting with the analysis of objectives and ending with the identification of the most specific KPIs that can materialize into qualified traffic in the case of both lead generation projects and structured, international e-commerce projects.

SEO audit

Within our SEO agency, the Search Engine Optimization department provides professional advice by accompanying the client every step of the way by providing support and training to achieve the set goals. Providing advice also means screening the starting situation, pointing out critical issues and possible SEO optimizations that can be implemented to achieve excellent results in a short period of time. Requesting an SEO Audit to know the level of optimization and critical issues of your site is a key pillar for a fruitful path in planning an SEO strategy, we can then figure out what actions to take to support the project and achieve the goals.

SEO reporting

Over the years, the development department of our SEO agency has highly specialized in the realization of e-commerce with related search engine optimization. Our SEO consultancies include a large part dedicated to reporting, as we consider the data analysis phase of fundamental importance to measure the effectiveness of our actions with respect to the organic positioning achieved. For each project, our agency provides very specific and detailed SEO reporting on a monthly basis, so as to show maximum transparency about our work with clear data that can be read even by non-experts.

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Let's team up

Seeking advice from an SEO agency means teaming up. SEO is a discipline that requires knowledge, professionalism and constant dedication.


Don't give up

If the results don't come right away, don't be discouraged. Search engine ranking, especially to reach the top positions, takes time and hard work.



Always rely on anSEO agency that can offer you concrete results because it has already placed other sites in the top positions of the SERP and has the necessary experience.